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  • За играч позиция: Baseliner clear
-205,00 лв. -50 %
Burn FST 95
The Burn FST 95 is the new midsize for the modern game, engineered with Fast Speed Technology to increase racket head speed from all over the court. This racket combines a smaller headsize for pinpoint accuracy and a heavier frame for explosive power.
205,00 лв.
410,00 лв.
-215,00 лв. -50 %
Burn FST 99
The Burn FST 99 is built for speed. This racket is ideal for aggressive baseliners wanting to swing faster and hit bigger. Using an octagon frame geometry and a strong headlight balance, Fast Speed Technology gives speed a new definition.
215,00 лв.
430,00 лв.
-78,00 лв. -30 %
Burn 100 Team
The Burn 100 Team is a value-packed performer for the aspiring adult or transitioning junior.
182,00 лв.
260,00 лв.
-215,00 лв. -50 %
Burn 95 Countervail
The Burn 95 Countervail provides precision from the baseline. Armed with a savage combination of power and control, this racket features Countervail technology and the longer X2 handle for modern two-handed backhands.
215,00 лв.
430,00 лв.
-177,50 лв. -50 %
Burn 100LS
Lightweight and dripping with power, the Burn 100LS is engineered with Spin Effect Technology to provide additional spin that helps control your blistering baseline shots.
177,50 лв.
355,00 лв.
-167,50 лв. -50 %
Burn 100ULS
The Burn 100ULS is the lightest Spin Effect Technology racket. This racket contributes an effortless swing that delivers power and performance. A Spin Effect Technology string pattern provides precision spin and additional durability.
167,50 лв.
335,00 лв.