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430,00 лв.
-210,00 лв. -50 %
Triad XP 5
Loaded with innovations that foster power and comfort, the Triad XP 5 helps players stay on top of their game. Featuring Isozorb cushioning technology optimized for feel, XP geometry built for power, and a tonal silver design for sophisticated taste, this racket is the complete package.
210,00 лв.
420,00 лв.
-207,50 лв. -50 %
Ultra Tour
The Ultra Tour brings added precision to the versatile Ultra franchise. The only racket in the new Ultra line that features a dense string pattern, the Ultra Tour combines excellent performance with a sleek design that comes to life on the court.
207,50 лв.
415,00 лв.
-165,00 лв. -50 %
Ultra 100UL
The lightest Ultra in the franchise, the Ultra 100UL is ideal for junior players and entry level adults searching for a lightweight performance frame. This racket provides easy playability and excellent versatility for players of all styles to gain confidence in their game.
165,00 лв.
330,00 лв.
-217,50 лв. -50 %
XP 1
The XP 1 is the most powerful racket on the market, period. A fine-tuned and improved layup has generated even greater power, while a new string pattern allows consumers to more easily use softer mulfi-filament string for even more comfortable power.
217,50 лв.
435,00 лв.
-71,00 лв. -20 %
Ultra 100L
The Ultra 100L incorporates power and versatility in a lighter frame. This racket swings easy and provides additional maneuverability to go along with its explosive power. Redefine your game and your flair with this bold, minimalistic design that pops on the court.
284,00 лв.
355,00 лв.
-86,00 лв. -20 %
Ultra 100 Countervail
The Ultra 100 Countervail is the most versatile racket in the world. Featuring Countervail Technology that maximizes player energy and integrated power technologies that get the most boom for your buck, this racket is a game-changer for players of all levels and styles.
344,00 лв.
430,00 лв.
-215,00 лв. -50 %
Ultra 105S Countervail
Give your game a jolt with the Ultra 105S Countervail, the only Ultra racket featuring Countervail and Spin Effect Technology. Showcasing a combination of booming power and topspin, this racket sports a sleek finish that brings a fresh, uncontaminated design to life on the court.
215,00 лв.
430,00 лв.
-187,50 лв. -50 %
Ultra 110
If you crave comfort and easy power from your racket, the Ultra 110 is right up your alley. Featuring the largest sweet spot in the Ultra franchise, this racket's string bed provides plenty of forgiveness that willl not only keep you in the point, it will help you power through winners.
187,50 лв.
375,00 лв.
-215,00 лв. -50 %
Triad XP 3
The Triad XP 3 combines and evolves two of Wilson's advanced racket technologies, XP geometry and Isozorb cushioning. The XP geometry features softened edges and an improved layup for enhanced power in a large, oversize head, while softer dampening Isozorb pads provide plush comfort.
215,00 лв.
430,00 лв.
-155,00 лв. -50 %
Ultra Team 100
Comfortable, versatile, and powerful, the Ultra Team 100 makes a statement with its playability from anywhere on the court. Inspired by the performance and design of the Ultra franchise, this racket accommodates a wide range of playing styles and levels with its geometry and power.
155,00 лв.
310,00 лв.
-152,50 лв. -50 %
Ultra Team 100 Ultra Lite
The Ultra Team 100 Ultra Lite features a lightweight frame ideal for racket maneuverability from all corners of the court. Amplifeel 360 utilizes a Basalt handle to reduce vibrations and deliver a better feel when striking the ball, increasing power in the process.
152,50 лв.
305,00 лв.