Активни филтри

  • Размер(EU): 1.0 clear
-60,00 лв. -20 %
240,00 лв.
300,00 лв.
-180,00 лв. -50 %
Blade 98L
The Blade 98L combines an open string pattern with a lightweight frame to provide big hitters with more flexibility and a better feel for the ball. Aggressive players will have added racket maneuverability as they burn up the court.
180,00 лв.
360,00 лв.
Six.One Lite 102
The ultra lightweight Six.One Lite 102 emphasizes increased maneuverability along with a larger head size and sweet spot. Parallel Drilling offers a livelier and more forgiving string bed to enhance consistency, adding another degree of playability to this racket.
270,00 лв.
-80,00 лв. -20 %
Pro Staff 97ULS
Highly maneuverable and super easy to swing for tomorrow's stars, the Pro Staff 97ULS features Spin Effect Technology for precision spin.
320,00 лв.
400,00 лв.
-177,50 лв. -50 %
Blade 98UL
The ultra-lightweight Blade 98UL produces the ultimate maneuverability in the Blade line. Equipped with the classic Blade feel, this racket gives players more time to react and determine which clean winner they will strike next.
177,50 лв.
355,00 лв.
-150,00 лв. -50 %
Blade 101L
The Blade 101L fulfills a wide range of playing styles with its light weight and forgiving feel. Players who adjust their game on the fly can use this racket to overpower their opponents or outlast them with pinpoint control.
150,00 лв.
300,00 лв.
-152,50 лв. -50 %
Ultra Team 100 Ultra Lite
The Ultra Team 100 Ultra Lite features a lightweight frame ideal for racket maneuverability from all corners of the court. Amplifeel 360 utilizes a Basalt handle to reduce vibrations and deliver a better feel when striking the ball, increasing power in the process.
152,50 лв.
305,00 лв.