Активни филтри

  • Схема на наплитане: 16 x 15 clear
  • Схема на наплитане: 18 x 16 clear
-225,00 лв. -50 %
Ultra XP 100S
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Loaded with technologies that drive powerful and explosive shots, the Ultra XP 100S is the ultimate in extreme power. Layered with a 16x15 string pattern designed for optimal feel and flexibility, the Ultra XP 100S delivers in a big way for versatile players.
225,00 лв.
450,00 лв.
-225,00 лв. -50 %
Ultra XP 100LS
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The Ultra XP 100LS provides extreme lightweight power and maneuverability for players of all abilities. Innovative Power Profile Frame Geometry and Ultra High Performance Carbon Fiber optimize effortless power with every swing.
225,00 лв.
450,00 лв.
-235,00 лв. -50 %
Ultra XP 110S
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Featuring the largest Ultra headsize, the Ultra XP 110S delivers maximum power with an enhanced sweetspot. An 18x16 string pattern helps contribute stability and control to the explosive power dripping from cutting-edge frame design and handle technology.
235,00 лв.
470,00 лв.
-185,00 лв. -49 %
Ultra 103S
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Equipped with Spin Effect Technology, the Ultra 103S is designed for All-Courters who love the game and love to mix up their shots. Featuring an explosive combination of power and spin, the Ultra 103S enhances the game for a wide range of playing styles.
190,00 лв.
375,00 лв.
-200,00 лв. -50 %
Тенис ракета WILSON Pro Staff 97LS FRM W/0 CVR 2
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The Pro Staff 97S is built for aggressive players who are looking for the supreme combination of precision and spin. Classic performance is inspired by innovative Spin Effect Technology and Braided Graphite composition.
200,00 лв.
400,00 лв.
-80,00 лв. -20 %
Pro Staff 97ULS
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Highly maneuverable and super easy to swing for tomorrow's stars, the Pro Staff 97ULS features Spin Effect Technology for precision spin.
320,00 лв.
400,00 лв.
-217,50 лв. -50 %
Blade 98S Countervail
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The only racket in the Blade lineup equipped with Countervail and Spin Effect Technology, the Blade 98S Countervail delivers spin, control and endurance for the modern, aggressive game. By directing the ball's energy within the frame, Countervail technology reduces muscle fatigue, shortens recovery time and conserves player energy on every swing.
217,50 лв.
435,00 лв.
-177,50 лв. -50 %
Burn 100LS
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Lightweight and dripping with power, the Burn 100LS is engineered with Spin Effect Technology to provide additional spin that helps control your blistering baseline shots.
177,50 лв.
355,00 лв.
-167,50 лв. -50 %
Burn 100ULS
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The Burn 100ULS is the lightest Spin Effect Technology racket. This racket contributes an effortless swing that delivers power and performance. A Spin Effect Technology string pattern provides precision spin and additional durability.
167,50 лв.
335,00 лв.
-215,00 лв. -50 %
Ultra 105S Countervail
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Give your game a jolt with the Ultra 105S Countervail, the only Ultra racket featuring Countervail and Spin Effect Technology. Showcasing a combination of booming power and topspin, this racket sports a sleek finish that brings a fresh, uncontaminated design to life on the court.
215,00 лв.
430,00 лв.