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  • Схема на наплитане: 18 x 16 clear
  • Група ракети: Pro Staff clear
-200,00 лв. -50 %
Тенис ракета WILSON Pro Staff 97LS FRM W/0 CVR 2
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The Pro Staff 97S is built for aggressive players who are looking for the supreme combination of precision and spin. Classic performance is inspired by innovative Spin Effect Technology and Braided Graphite composition.
200,00 лв.
400,00 лв.
-80,00 лв. -20 %
Pro Staff 97ULS
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Highly maneuverable and super easy to swing for tomorrow's stars, the Pro Staff 97ULS features Spin Effect Technology for precision spin.
320,00 лв.
400,00 лв.