Активни филтри

  • Схема на наплитане: 16 x 18 clear
  • Схема на наплитане: 18 x 19 clear
  • За играч позиция: Attacker clear
-220,00 лв. -50 %
Blade SW 104 Autograph Countervail
The personal racket for a 22x Grand Slam winner, the Blade SW 104 Autograph Countervail features a large headsize that enhances the sweetspot for pure strikes. A dense string pattern provides traditional control and durability for tennis players aspiring to play like Serena.
От 220,00 лв.
440,00 лв.
-88,50 лв. -30 %
Blade Team 99
Sporting a blend of control, power and maneuverability, the Blade Team 99 is great for aspiring players desiring to play an aggressive game. This racket is equipped with Amplifeel 360 handle technology to reduce vibrations and amplify power.
206,50 лв.
295,00 лв.
-182,50 лв. -50 %
Blade 104
The Blade 104 features an enhanced sweetspot that provides aggressive players with explosive power. An 18x19 string pattern delivers more stability and control for attackers on the court.
182,50 лв.
365,00 лв.
-147,50 лв. -50 %
Blade Team 99 Lite
The Blade Team 99 Lite serves up a frame geometry and cosmetic inspired by the Blade franchise, the most popular franchise on Tour. Its lighter weight adds a degree of flexibility and manueverability for aggressive players who like to attack the net.
147,50 лв.
295,00 лв.