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Активни филтри

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Men's shorts AQUAWAVE Consel are extremely light swimming shorts with a classic cut and a nice combination of colors. AQUWAVE Consel shorts are trendy summer swimwear that you can wear when you are on holiday, on the beach or just in your everyday life. The material is resistant to contact with salt water and the influence of the sun's rays. The fabric is extremely light and fast drying. The waist is tightened by a cord, allowing you to adjust the width of the shorts according to your individual needs. Flat seams are strong, resistant and do not cause skin irritation. AQUWAVE Consel men's shorts ensure complete freedom of movement in and out of the water.*Уважаеми клиенти, поради огромния брой артикули, които бихме искали да Ви предоставим за пазаруване, преводът на текстовете с описания на продуктите е извършен с Гугъл преводач, директно от сайта на производителя. До няколко месеца текстовете ще бъдат преведени правилно. Приятно пазаруване!
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