Ракета за тенис Ultra-84682
  • -235,00 лв.
Ракети за тенис

Ракета за тенис Ultra XP 110S

235,00 лв. 470,00 лв.
Featuring the largest Ultra headsize, the Ultra XP 110S delivers maximum power with an enhanced sweetspot. An 18x16 string pattern helps contribute stability and control to the explosive power dripping from cutting-edge frame design and handle technology.
Ракета за тенис Ultra-84683
  • -225,00 лв.
Ракети за тенис

Ракета за тенис Ultra XP 100LS

225,00 лв. 450,00 лв.
The Ultra XP 100LS provides extreme lightweight power and maneuverability for players of all abilities. Innovative Power Profile Frame Geometry and Ultra High Performance Carbon Fiber optimize effortless power with every swing.
Ракета за тенис Ultra-84680
  • -185,00 лв.
Ракети за тенис

Ракета за тенис Ultra 97

190,00 лв. 375,00 лв.
The Ultra 97 combines the precision of a mid-plus headsize with easy power from High Performance Carbon Fiber. A smooth and forgiving feel makes this the go-to racket for versatile players who dominate on both the singles and doubles court.
Ракета за тенис Ultra-84679
  • -185,00 лв.
Ракети за тенис

Ракета за тенис Ultra 103S

190,00 лв. 375,00 лв.
Equipped with Spin Effect Technology, the Ultra 103S is designed for All-Courters who love the game and love to mix up their shots. Featuring an explosive combination of power and spin, the Ultra 103S enhances the game for a wide range of playing styles.
Ракета за тенис Ultra-84678
  • -180,00 лв.
Ракети за тенис

Ракета за тенис Ultra 108

180,00 лв. 360,00 лв.
Featuring a large oversize head and comfortable sweetspot, the Ultra 108 exudes power. This racket is ideal for doubles players looking for light weight, maneuverability, shock absorption, and smooth comfort.
Ракета за тенис Burn-84691
  • -205,00 лв.
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Ракета за тенис Burn FST 95

205,00 лв. 410,00 лв.
The Burn FST 95 is the new midsize for the modern game, engineered with Fast Speed Technology to increase racket head speed from all over the court. This racket combines a smaller headsize for pinpoint accuracy and a heavier frame for explosive power.
Ракета за тенис Burn-84686
  • -215,00 лв.
Ракети за тенис

Ракета за тенис Burn FST 99

215,00 лв. 430,00 лв.
The Burn FST 99 is built for speed. This racket is ideal for aggressive baseliners wanting to swing faster and hit bigger. Using an octagon frame geometry and a strong headlight balance, Fast Speed Technology gives speed a new definition.
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