Ракета за тенис Triad-84664
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Triad XP 3

The Triad XP 3 combines and evolves two of Wilson's advanced racket technologies, XP geometry and Isozorb cushioning. The XP geometry features softened edges and an improved layup for enhanced power in a large, oversize head, while softer dampening Isozorb pads provide plush comfort.
  • 3.0
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• Triad features 3-piece racquet system to separate hoop and handle with softer Isozorb pads, providing ideal comfort and solid power • XP's Power Profile Frame Geometry produces ultimate power at a lighter weight • Design includes both velvet and super gloss paints together to deliver elegant, tonal look • High Performance Carbon Fiber offers increased frame stiffness for explosive power • Amplifeel 360 features Basalt handle for enhanced feel with improved racket power
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Ракети тенис
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16 x 18
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Triad XP
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All Courter
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